By now manipulated by technology and social slaves, subtly connected to phones, we confuse reality with fiction.

We no longer know that the real world is what happens.

Our society is always connected, always in a hurry, too ambitious. Suffer from high levels of anxiety and impatience, absenteeism from work and neurotic personality traits. A social obsession that’s creating a generation of burnouts. The key concept is no longer network presence, but connection. If you’re present but not connected, you’re alone. Social networks are the mirror of narcissists and the stage of hypocrites.


Orange 402 T-shirt.


Not Safe for Humans shirt and shorts, Bershka top, Balenciaga socks, Orange 402 shoes, Dolce&Gabbana bag, Zara jewels.


Left, Not safe for Humans cardigan and hat, Oysho top, H&M shorts, Michael Kors shoes, Mastro Pellettiere bag. Right, Orange 402 T-shirt, Fame jeans.


Left, Zara top, Vintage white top, Orange 402 trousers, Asos shoes, The Beatrix hairband. Right, Oysho top, Not Safe for Humans pants, Asos shoes, Caterina Zulian bag.


Left, Orange 402 denim jacket and jeans, Morfosis top, Asos shoes, Mastro Pellettiere bag. Right, Zara top, Vintage white top, Orange 402 trousers, The Beatrix hairband.


photographed by Vanessa Lucrezia Francia
styling Matilde Brini, Eleonora Gallotta, Sara Sierzputowska, Giada Giannattasio, Alice Troiano, Micaela Kokouva, Francesca Picchizzolu
muah Martina Di Cori
model Orietta Gaddi @The Lab Models
scouting and management Marco Giovanni Grisolia and Sabrina Mellace