A visually stunning experience, the film focuses its attention on body movements and deformations. Brought to life by the collaboration of creative director Anna Maria Negri and film director Julien Fanton d’Andon, the short film adopts the use of water, glass and bubbles to create unique visual effects and abstract patterns.

Everything is bold and excessive: make-up, wardrobe, jewelry, nail art, camera movements. Everything except the set design: a minimalist environment composed of only glass elements that reflect and highlight the models’ movements.

The camera almost never stays still, always moving through the space and design elements, working seamlessly with the talents’ movements. It creates, in this strategic way, dynamic and powerful framing that enhances the boldness of each shot.

Make-up, hair, and wardrobe blend thoroughly with the concept of the whole film: the aim is to develop a highly creative and daring universe where each feature is magnified by the viscosity of the water and the shape of the glasses spread out around the set.