Rotten: Inspired by life’s final journey, the process that every living organism must undergo as part of its existence on Earth. This process of decomposition not only gives life to various organisms but also births multiple visual universes, rich in textures, colors, and shapes – a tapestry of beauty.

For this editorial, we aimed to delve into this realm often perceived as repugnant and create vivid beauty looks and graphic designs in a photographic essay. Our goal is to capture the wondrous world of decay, unveiling its hidden allure.


photographed by Edward Córdoba – art direction Edward Córdoba and Andreas Sichel 
styling Alice Secchi – mua Cristine Dupuys – hair Reve Cheuk-yin Lau
post-production Andreas Sichel – mua ass. Ludovica  Barlafante – style ass. Agostinho Sousa Jr
models Chengxin @EliteModelWorld and Amo @BodyLondon