The womb of water that generates me is waiting to bring forth life again.
I exist without form, the disfigurement and the desire to attribute it to me are yours.
My time is marked by gifts, objects of little significance, since whoever shows up wants to know the laws
that govern our heart.
I will not disdain a man’s love as long as I make him a hero.
If not, have mercy on me, the laws of nature are paid dearly.
Violence shapes us, this is truth.
What should those who survive the decay of gods aspire to?
Look for my meaning in the water springs, offer yourself spontaneously and abandon yourself to be
The shine of purification has not fulfilled your greatest desire yet: to return to love the world.

Marine Serre





art direction and photo Vec Samoano

styling Claudia Valente

muah Salvatore Lopresti

styling ass. Michele Rombola

set ass. Ignazio Distaso

text by Amos Vespero

model Claudia Tomozei