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left, Lulli dress, scarf archive; right, Bunnyna dress, earrings, babydolls, suspenders, shoes archive


Cormio top, Charlotte Buchal & Iris Röell trousers


left, Lulli dress, hat, sleeves and shoes archive; right, archive


left, archive; right, Maneesha earring, Fifi Cachnil panties, top, trousers, shoes archive


left, Bunnyna trousers, top and shoes archive; right, Cormio top


left, Maneesha earring, Fifi Cachnil suspenders, headband, top, socks and shoes archive; right, Cormio top, Lulli trousers, hat and shoes archive


art direction Arianna Cavallo and Marta Marinotti
photographed by Marta Marinotti 
styling Arianna Cavallo
hair Michael Bui 
set design Léa Di Dio 
models Alexandra Picquenot, Maneesha, @_marie_claire @elytiz_mgmt